Mohib Mirza

Mohib Mirza carries Karachi in his heart and soul. He reflects the millions, the diversity and the emotions of this cosmopolitan urban center, via his versatile yet grounded approach to acting. A master of his language, Mohib's Urdu diction and style enriches his characters, providing a history to each frame; perhaps a bit of his very own. In the eyes of every character we see the actors mark, whether villainous, comic, romantic or tragic, his facial expressions and his gaze adopt each character as almost a part if his own self. Born here on 18th August 1979, and after graduating from the Commecs Institute of Business Education in 1999, he began his working as a theatre actor. On stage he reaches out to his audience allowing them to experience the power of the moment. Mohib is best remembered on stage for his comic character in an Urdu language play 'One Way Ticket'. 'DramayBaaz' a theatre company co-founded by Mohib produced this play. 'DramayBaaz' produced various performances over the years in Karachi and Lahore including, satirical 'Sahib-e-karamaat', Hattak-stories by Munto. Soon after he began working full time for Pakistani Television, this has resulted in a decade of tremendous experience related to Drama Serials, Tele-Films, TV-Series, Sitcoms, Commercials, Voiceovers and Talk Shows. Mohib is well recognized with the Pakistani media industry and beyond. His years as an actor have enriched him, such that he is now looking towards greater challenges in the international realm. This actor does not give up. His determination and focus are unmatched, paired with his love for the craft; Mohib is able to take on greater challenges each time. His humble and basic approach to life allows him to remove himself from the overwhelming glamor and to look inwards at developing his own art and craft each day. Karachi's thirty one year old, bilingual and versatile actor Mohib Mirza now aims to work for international cinema. In 2009 Mohib Mirza's talents were recognized in Kent, UK, at the "The International Filmmaker Festival", where he won the award for 'Best actor in a supporting role' for the film 'Inshah-Allah'. The film also won the 'Best foreign film award'. He has recently been nominated in the Best TV Actor(satellite) category for Drama Serial 'Dil-e-Nadan', for Geo TV, at the 9th Lux Style Awards 2010.
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In the mountains of Pakistan, a mother and her ten-year-old daughter flee their home on the eve of the girl's marriage to a tribal leader. A deadly hunt for them begins.