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Are you a Fan? If yes, have you ever wondered what kind of a fan you are?

Are you not a Fan? Have you ever wondered what being a fan really is?

Well, as per the proper definition of a Fan would suggest: “A fan, or fanatic, sometimes also called aficionado or supporter, is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or somebody, such as a band, a sports team, a genre, a book, a movie or an entertainer” (Wikipedia)

Now you have a wider range of aspects to evaluate your personality and know your inclination toward something or someone devotedly (Could be any).

So if we sorted Fans in 5 various lists, which category would you fall into?



As the name itself suggests, a Diehard fan is someone who’d go to any extent in following one’s star and justifying even the most irrational action or behavior. Now the star can be anyone or anything; a celebrity, a sportsperson, a book or any instrument to name a few.


A Fanatic fan is more like a lunatic girlfriend. This term, as it connotes, refers to the enthusiasm of the fans to come face to face with their star and spend time with them. This craze usually makes them go bananas; they overlook all the social, cultural boundaries and by the time they realize it, it’s often beyond their aptitude to stop or turn back. Fanatic fans immolate their own persona to imitate that of their stars. Makes sense? Umm… Did you watch how Gaurav reacts to a mere visual of Aryan Khanna and what he lived on in FAN?


When it comes to fandom, Break-even fans lie somewhere in the middle. They follow the trends set by their stars; they ardently follow their stars and aspire to be like them. In fact, would love to meet them and get a selfie – which previously was supposed to be an autograph (ROFL). But they wouldn’t really bother or be disappointed if they went short at it.


Now this one is a pretty different kind of fandom. Acolyte Fans work their way up so high they stand beside their stars to practically assist them in chores and be their emissaries for public or even their security guards. This is a very rare genre of fans for only so many acolytes a star can have. Are you, by chance, one of these?


Well this comprises the most of fan-following a star enjoy. Even a momentary liking or support would do. You like something of someone partly for a moment; you follow them or their trends for a while, you like something they illustrate, well, congratulations! You’re a Fan (IKR). Thus, you may even choose a different inspiration once your fandom for a particular star wears out.

So, have you made up your mind yet? What kind of FAN are you really? Go ahead and find out for yourself. You never know you’d be secretly following someone or something desperately, devotedly and unconsciously. If that’s the case, congratulations, you have essentially jumped into the bandwagon of FANS!

Writer/Blogger: Muhammad Hunain Ameen

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