"Bryan Singer explains the story behind the new X-Men trailer."

From the critical reviews to the response of fans, it’s palpable that Captain America: Civil War has pretty much stolen every other superhero film’s thunder. But as the battle rages on and we continue to welcome more and more superhero films, X-Men cannot and should not be discounted. After all, the upcoming X-Men film (releasing in May) is where the trilogy gets a final conclusion. From here, it can go anywhere.

Who knew that James McAvoy could essay the role that once belonged to Patrick Stewart with such vigour or the fact that Michael Fassbender could match Sir Ian Mckellen’s Magneto? With every silent gaze, he makes the role his own.

With the latest trailer, some things are clear while others continue to mystify us. We know that Oscaar Isaac will essay Apocalypse, the ancient mutant who wants to kill billions since he believes it’s time for mankind to end.  Fassbender’s Magneto will join three others and bring to life the mythology of the four horsemen.

Though Isaac is seen in prosthetic make-up, there is one sequence in the new trailer where you see him in his human form. In an interview with Empire, Singer explained the scene and said, “That was shot fairly early on. It’s not a big moment, but you get a taste of who he was. That’s when he’s not Apocalypse. This is when he’s a willing contributor.”

Explaining exactly how powerful Apocalypse will be and the attack(s) seen in the third trailer, Singer noted, “Apocalypse is a very powerful mutant and it results in an all-out attack on many levels. This is just one part of the attack. Every character is involved in one way or another.”

The one interesting thing will be the progression of the character of Mystique, played by Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence. Unlike past films, this venture will show her on the side of the angels. When she rescues another mutant, the response she gets says it all.

Reflecting on the changing dynamics between Mystique and the mutant world, Singer explained, “She’s famous, but nobody’s really seen her since. Meeting her is a big deal to him. She’s the great hero from 1973 and he’s star struck in that moment. She’s not comfortable with it. She’s not interested in being the face of a world that she doesn’t believe exists. She’s not a hero.”

The trailer ends with the appearance of Wolverine’s claws which is a bit inexplicable because Singer, in the past, hinted that Wolverine will not be a part of this film.

“Make of that what you want,” teased Singer and added, “I will say, it’s not simple. There’s something more pivotal that occurs with that. It hints to a sequence that again fits within the canon of all six movies, and the birth of a new direction. It’s not insignificant, nor is it simply just a throw-in. It’s not the only shot you’re gonna see, let’s put it that way.”

– Footnote: with information from Empire.com

Courtesy: Instep (The News International)

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