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 New Delhi: Sunny Leone is in the news yet again. However, this time it is not for a movie or a controversial interview – the ‘Mastizaade’ actress has shown to the world the price one has to pay for asking a disrespectful question to a woman, irrespective of her profession.
Attagirl! Sunny Leone slaps a journalist for asking lewd question

According to a report in, originally attributed to Mid-Day, Sunny Leone was asked a lewd question by a man posing to be a journalist – to which she gave a befitting reply. Leone was staying at a posh hotel in Gujarat where she was supposed to attend a Holi event.

Despite the actress’s request to keep media at bay – the organisers couldn’t do the same. Reportedly, the actress was bothered by a man initially in the room of her hotel, but she declined to make a fuss out of it. But the second incident really got on the actress’s nerve.

The unsavory incident took place when Sunny was hurled a lewd question by a man who was, or either posed as a journalist.

The reporter asked Sunny that since becoming an actress from a porn star, how much did she charge for a night program. The otherwise cool Sunny asked the reporter to repeat the question, and the man had the cheek to repeat it all over again. Sunny gave the exact respond that the man deserved and slapped him then and there.

Hubby Daniel Webber later gave his quote to Mid-Day, saying: “Sunny has given an apt reply to the reporter so we are not filing any police complaint. The organisers were also college kids so we do not want their careers to be damaged. But henceforth, Sunny will think a thousand times before coming to Gujarat.”


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