We have a few good suggestions for the Bong lass who has an aversion for ‘hard work’!
Rimi Sen is one of the the strangest contestants ever seen in the house of Bigg Boss, who will be evicted this week. We have see abusive contestants, we have seen passive contestants, we have seen boring contestants, but we have never seen the likes of Rimi Sen!

After all, which contestants had the guts to stay out of almost every task and tell the host Salman Khan on his face that she is never interested in doing anything. She even declared that she thought the food came from outside and not prepared with this house! Her ‘non’-antics even irked Salman Khan, who was her co-star in Baghban and Kyon Ki, prompting him to tell everyone to just vote her off. In fact she looks so bored throughout all these episodes of Bigg Boss, that we wonder how she would react when she hears about these major issues once she gets out of the house!

So for the poor bored girl, who doesn’t want to work hard…here’re some suggestions for her to do if she ever plans to work after Bigg Boss. Based on our research, the below jobs require negligible to nil efforts, so that’s right in her comfort zone…

However, it’s better if Rimi stays a little away from Salman Khan, ‘cos all that had happened between them in the show, this is how he would actually react if she ever comes again in front of him!

Disclaimer: The above article is meant to be taken in a light manner. Sometimes, a little laughter is seldom a cause for worry!

Courtesy: BollywoodLife.com

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