Call them ‘clothes hangers’ but every now and then models will go out and prove that they’ve got soul, spunk and a sense of humour. They may have to put up a straight act to walk the ramp but models have all the potential to get naughty. And by naughty we don’t mean ‘catfight’ (though we get a regular dose of those too); we’re referring to the hilariously entertaining Dubsmash video recorded and posted in honour (ahem) of Ayesha Sana.

By now most of you probably know about, and have seen, Ayesha Sana’s behind-the-scenes rant, recorded on the sets of her talk show that went viral on social media. In case you’re living under a rock and you aren’t aware: the popular host was caught on camera shouting hysterically at the lighting guy for not making her looking bright enough before going live on screen. When we say ‘rant’ we mean way over ballistic; she was screaming like a banshee and cursing like a rapper on crack. Naturally, she got flak for her atrocious behaviour but meanwhile, it inspired our models to poke a finger at her. Models Tooba Siddiqui, Sunita Marshall, Rubya Chaudhry and Nadia Hussain got together for a Dubsmash video and enacted Ayesha’s part where she shouts ‘bright karein isko’ and it has us in fits of laughter. The video also offers insight into the acting abilities of our glam dolls and we can see both Tooba and Rubya with a lot of potential. Tooba has already acted in Wrong No. and will next be seen in Mehreen Jabbar’s Dobara Phir Se, whereas Rubya has had brief stints in movies as well as theatre.

Coming back to the video, it is very welcome comic relief from the often politically correct and stuck-up industry. Ayesha Sana may not see it that way, though!

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