We don’t know, but it sounds good. The selfie queen has reportedly been spotted at the plastic surgeon’s office a total of seven times in the past five weeks, according to Radar Online.

course, this is also the outlet that claimed Kim had some teeth removed to make her face appear slimmer, so IDK.

Here’s the breakdown the site gives of Kim K. sightings at Epione, a plastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills:

  1. March 24 – dressed in black with a Yeezy baseball cap
  2. March 18 – seen with a friend, supposedly to get stretch marks lasered off plus other “nips and tucks” to restore her pre-baby bod
  3. March 17 – sporting an oversized jacket with her face plastered on it and the words “CHILL” down the sleeve
  4. March 10 – wielding an orange bag with BFF Jonathan Cheban and his girlfriend
  5. March 1 – in head-to-toe black workout garb and Yeezy sneaks
  6. Feb 20 – wearing boxer braids and an all-black ensemble
  7. Feb 17 – in a black sweatshirt and black leggings

Well, looks like she was there, but exactly what was happening behind that door is anyone’s guess, and we just happen to have two!

Yesterday, the National Enquirer reported that Kim’s butt bags exploded last month, causing the “goop” to spill into her hips and necessitating special emergency repairs.

But, ya know, it’s the Enquirer we’re talking about here, so all bets are off. It made us chuckle, though.

Courtesy :  The Hollywood Gossip


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