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So we’re back again with our yet another exciting Celebrity Siblings installment, this time about an even more inspiring, budding starlet duo. While everyone claims to be talented and fabled, some just don’t have to sing for themselves as their performance does that job alright. The celebrity siblings, we intend to talk about in this edition, lie in the latter category as they are too busy performing and shining their already brilliant profile, that it only leaves the room for the critic to be their admirers.

Yes, this session of the series is, indeed, dedicated to Twin Sisters; Aiman Khan and Minal Khan.

Opened their eyes in the city of lights — Karachi — Aiman and Minal are the twin sisters whose family is of quite broader and liberal view on life; So much that their school-of-thought was never an obstruction for their daughters’ professional career in showbiz. It goes without saying that the twins found it all in the silver platter due to the inbred talent; stimulating acting skills and the ravishing looks.

However, we agree that they have but a long way ahead and so much to achieve, but the praise, the twins have earned, in a relatively younger age than any other star, is rather a reassurance they have it all covered.

Aiman Khan:

Born on November the 20th, Aiman Khan seems to believe in the axiom “Fortune favors the bold” as the Scorpio girl has never been intimidated by the challenges she’d to face. Made her debut in “Mohabbat Bhar Mai Jaye”, the starlet proved her mettle while she was only completing her school education. After a successful start, Aiman had already begun to get multiple offers of dramas and TV commercials. Apparently when you have talent and the looks both aplenty, you know you’re never going down in showbiz and Aiman Khan is the embodiment of the premise. Worked in multiple serials, and currently starred in Geo Entertainment’s Iss Khamoshi Ka Matlab, Aiman is determined never to look back and keep shining brilliantly surrounded by the galaxy full of stars.

Minal Khan:

Not so different from her twin sister, Minal Khan, born 22nd of November, is a prodigy in the showbiz. Minal, unlike other girls, is quite open about her interests; whether personal or professional. The teenage starlet has, in fact, admitted to be dating an aspiring, emerging singer Mustafa Dilpazeer, however, let’s not get ahead of us with that (I mean, the kids could just be having fun and all, what’s wrong with you guys). With dramas Adhoori Aurat, Qudoosi Sahab Ki Bewa and Gila kiss say karyn, Minal has given her audience enough for them to await her upcoming endeavors.

Our land, without a doubt, is ripe in producing artists, and to have twinkling twins coming along is like a dream. The talented, inspiring and skilled, celebrity siblings come as a surplus. Their input and efforts are a blessing conferred on the industry. Their share is something that can never be overlooked or forgotten. We will keep posting about these duos (or trios for that matter) in our series and will let you know of the success stories alongside the lesser known and exciting facts about them. Stay with us 🙂

Writer: Muhammad Hunain Ameen





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