"Iman Ali on artists going to Bollywood"

“As Long As They Are Not Making A Fool Of Themselves”

She was a vision in Khuda Kay Liye and a show stealer in Bol, yet we have only gotten a glimpse or two of actress Iman Ali over the past couple of years. She’s been relatively out of the picture despite the fact that Pakistan’s cinema has risen from the ashes in these past few years. But now, after a gap of almost five years, the actress is set to return to the big screen in Anjum Shehzad’s Mah-e-Meer, releasing this weekend, a film that follows the struggle of a contemporary poet and draws parallels with the life of Urdu legend Mir Taqi Mir.

However, in these past five years a lot has changed with the way artists are working; there is a significant outflow of Pakistani actors and actresses to Bollywood and the remaining are working hard towards getting an opportunity. Iman, however, isn’t the one to plan things ahead, especially when it comes to Bollywood, as she said in a recent interview she gave to Khaleej Times in Dubai.

“I don’t think and plan,” Iman told Khaleej Times when asked if she sees herself stepping into Bollywood. “I think there is a divine plan and a divine planner in this existence of ours…planning doesn’t work for me because I believe in the divine plan and that’s the design I want to go with. So wherever the force takes me, I shall go and be the best that I can.” That said, she has no qualms in other artists trying their luck in B-town, and unlike some, is not against the idea of cross-border exchange.

“Everyone should follow their dreams and aspiration. If our actors are doing well in Bollywood, why not? One should not put barriers on actors; mankind has forever been putting barriers up. It has not done any good to mankind anyways,” she added. “As long as they are not going to India and like some people, who made a fool of themselves – and there have been some – as long as they are not bringing shame to the nation… even then we shouldn’t take it personally. It’s their choice. They are not responsible for entire Pakistan, if they want to make a fool of themselves. I am really happy for the ones who are doing good for themselves. All the best to them.”

We wish the very best to Iman, who will be making a comeback of sorts in Mah e Mir. She has been out of the picture, perhaps partly because of her health – she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a couple of years ago (and she even spoke about it in an interview with Instep) – but we wish her the very best of health as box office success. We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of this beauty on the big screen.

– With information from Khaleej Times

Courtesy: Instep (The News International)

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