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we are working on that, but still, we are a fantastic place as an unique opportunity to come and shoot since our rates are unbeatable low.-,




The Federal Australian Screen Production Incentive Scheme comprises three mutually-exclusive strands:
LOCATION OFFSET: A 15% rebate designed to attract offshore production activity to Australia.
PDV OFFSET: A 15% rebate designed to attract offshore Post, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) activity to Australia. Projects are not required to film in Australia to be eligible.

Up to 40% rebate designed to stimulate Australian production activity domestically (20% television and other projects, 40% feature films.

Australia’s seven State and Territory screen agencies offer a range of incentives, tax rebates and grants to attract production and post production to their region-wise resources. Contacts for all State and Territory Screen Agencies are on



Screen Queensland

There are many financial benefits in basing your next production in Queensland, including the generous suite of incentives offered by the Queensland Government through the Screen Queensland. These include:

*Payroll Tax Rebate
*Head of Department Incentive
*12.5% Local Labor Incentive
Furthermore, the 15% Location Offset and 15% Post, Digital and Visual Effects Offset are available from the Australian Federal Government for projects that meet minimum qualifying production expenditure levels.


South Australia

South Australian Film Corporation

With its reputation as the home of independent filmmaking, South Australia offers stunning location opportunities that include moonscapes, middle-eastern desert, other-world landscapes, dramatic coastlines and world-renowned wine country, as well as world-class post, digital and visual effects production houses, professional film crew and a boutique studio. Convenience and low cost of living make South Australia an ideal shooting destination.

Payroll tax exemption

A payroll tax exemption on eligible productions shot in SA reduces the film’s payroll total by approximately 6 per cent. Note that this is an up-front exemption, not a rebate. To be eligible for the exemption, projects must be produced wholly or substantially within South Australia, employ SA residents, and provide significant economic benefits to the State.



Film Victoria’s Melbourne Film Office

In addition to the Australian Government’s Screen Production Incentives, the Melbourne Film Office offers two highly competitive financial incentive programs: the Production Attraction Incentive Fund and the Regional Location Assistance Fund.

Production Attraction Incentive Fund
This fund can be applied to the production or post production of feature films, television series, reality programs, mini-series, telemovies, animation series and documentaries. The grant is offered as a cash rebate on a minimum production and/or post production spend. Footloose productions that spend a minimum of AU$3.5 million or 70% of their total production budget in Victoria are eligible.

Regional Location Assistance Fund
This fund is intended to encourage filming in areas outside Melbourne’s metropolitan area. Projects must shoot five or more days in provincial Victoria to be eligible to apply for this fund, which assists by offsetting some of the incurred costs when filming in regional areas such as accommodation and travel.




Cine Tirol

Production Incentive:

Starting May 1st 2009 Cine Tirol offers production grants in the form of reimbursement of up to 50% of eligible expenditures from filming in the Tirol. Production grants are awarded to selected film projects after application review and are subject to budgetary constraints.

Production grants are contingent upon the economic effect of the production on the region and/or the thematic relation of the production to the region.

The ‘Tirol Effect’ is fulfilled when the filming of the entire production, or parts thereof, in the Tirol generates income for the region, for example, in the form of general expenditures and in the form of domestic film industry expenditures.

Please check Cine Tirol Guidelines for further detailed information – <> –

Production Incentive – Guidelines.

Applications can be filed year round. Decisions will be made by the executive board of the Tirol Tourist Board (Tirol Werbung GmbH) upon recommendations from Cine Tirol.

Location Service: The Cine Tirol Location Service is available at no cost to all film makers and includes information and practical assistance, especially when it comes to finding the perfect film location in the Tirol.

Location scouting trips in cooperation with experienced Cine Tirol Location Scouts can be arranged for selected projects, after detailed discussions with decision makers of the production company. www.cinetirol-locations.



Location Flanders

The Belgian Tax Shelter
The Location Flanders Location Bonus
The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)

Oostende Film Office

In the Oostende no use fees for the public domain are demanded for features, TV Series, commercials, documentaries, …
In Belgium a federal tax shelter system is available.


Antwerp City Film Office

In the city of Antwerp use fees for the public domain are demanded for TV and film-commercials.
Use fee 620 EUR a day for the public domain and 1240 EUR a day for filming inside public buildings.
No use fees are demanded for features, TV series, short films, documentaries etc.
In Belgium a federal tax shelter system is available.